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Collisions (CD)

Image of Collisions (CD)


CD Album "Collisions"
VÖ: 26.02.2010

Mix Techno, Screamo and Pop, and spice it up with a pinch of Mosh and Breakdown, et voilá: you get a novel sound called Techcore. The debut „Collisions“ combines all strengths of HIS STATUE FALLS: Mighty guitars, crystal clear hooklines, hammering beats supported by driving techno-elements, and enriched with a proper portion of Mosh and Breakdown. A delicious dish which is worth to be tasted by all music fans.


01. Let's Get Crackin'
02. Capital H, Capital O
03. Jasmin W. Knows How To Mosh
04. Give It Up! Give It Up!
05. Interlude One
06. Sooner If You Let Me
07. You Need Hit To Spell Shit
08. If Shakespeare Had A Myspace Profile
09. Interlude Two
10. A Headless Crow Can't Bite
11. Does Any Of You Guys Know Why For God's Sake Every Band On Earth Gotta Have Long Songtitles
12. Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee

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