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Mistaken For Trophies (Digipak CD)

Image of Mistaken For Trophies (Digipak CD)


CD Album "Mistaken For Trophies"
VÖ: 26.04.2012

HIS STATUE FALLS are trying to reach their goal with easy means: more than ever focus is put on clean vocals, choruses are catchier and guitars are given more prominence. The electronic parts are more varied, less striking and fit way better into the songs. When they wrote the songs for the new album “Mistaken For Trophies” the band tried to avoid obvious clichés: The songs are not buried beneath tons of effects like auto-tune, guitars are not just tuned down, and breakdowns are not only self-serving. “We considered what will come after the trend and we wanted to create a record that is still relevant in a couple of years“, the band said. “Mistaken For Trophies“ is darker, more grown-up and more personal than the band's previous record. The songs are about grief, loss and anger. They are simply referring to a normal life where relationships suddenly end and where you have to suffer the loss of loved ones.


01. Mistaken For Trophies
02. My Way / My Rules / My Profit
03. Here.After
04. Miles
05. The Missing Piece Of No One
06. Breathe In Breathe Out (feat. Chuong Trinh)
07. Increase:Decrease
08. Two Steps Forward No Step Back (feat. Tyler Carter)
09. Sorry For Killing The Spirit
10. Hoe'pocalypse Now
11. Release
12. Forever...At All